Tuesday, 20 October 2009

3 Easy Ways of Making Money With Photography Online You Can Start Doing Today

Photographs are often taken for posterity reasons. The preservation of moments captured by the camera lens in these photographs are very much loved by all people for years to come. In fact, many families around the world have a camera or two in their household in order for them to take pictures of treasured times. There are also those people who take professional courses in photography and upon completing the course, sets up a professional studio to meet the needs of the society for really outstanding pictures.

But if you are just a simple person that has the talent for taking extremely good photographs, and want to make a living out of it, you definitely can. There are several ways of making money with photography. It has even gone beyond the traditional freelancing opportunity that it was years back when the use of the Internet was still limited to a lucky few. Nowadays, people like you have found a good way in making money with photography online. Here are the three ways that you can earn money from the photographs you take.

1. Selling your photos at stock photography websites is one way for you to earn money online. Stock photography websites stores photos that can be licensed for different purposes. Many magazines, publishers, ad agencies, artists, and designers go to these websites to get the photos that they need instead of hiring a photographer, which entail more costs. As the photographer, the photos you shoot exclusively become your stock and are copyrighted to you. This just means that if a particular person is interested in a photograph, he will have to pay you for it and since you hold the copyright to your photos. The big advantage, and asset here is, you can sell them over and over again, reaping for yourself more profits each time you do so.

2. Another way to earn money from your photos is by selling them through your very own website. Before you complain about all the technicalities of putting up a website, think of the advantages it can bring you. First, having a website will definitely establish you as a photographer. Plus, you can sell directly to your clients without having another entity to get a cut from your sales. And it won't really cost you much to have a company host and maintain your website. In fact, you are looking at about $10 a month for hosting.

3. The third way in getting income from your photographs is through photo-sharing sites. Marketing your photos in these sites will get you the attention that you need to make money with your photographs since many people visit these sites frequently. And though you really can't sell your photos through these sites, you can subtly imply to the users that licenses to your photos are for sale so they can further contact you.

These are just some of the ways to making money with photography online. If you take any of these steps to create a flourishing online business for something that you love doing, surely you will get the profits that are right for your talents. And it won't even feel like work because it is something you enjoy in the first place.

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